Sampaoli Creations

Andrea Sampaoli was born in Padua as a goldsmith and mountaineer.

At Christmas 2003 he created his first article, the classic climbing rope, as a gift for his climbing companions. He then realizes that this creation could be successful in the mountain world.

So in 2004 he definitively abandoned the goldsmith's workshop to found Sampaoli Creazioni and open a new workshop in Teolo. Right here, in the heart of the Euganean Hills, he discovered bronze as the ideal material for new creations, born from his passion for the mountains and his profession.

In the following years, he dedicated himself completely to the creation of these jewels, enriching his collections with new items and expanding the range to more and more sports and passions. His creations, sometimes embellished with galvanic baths and enriched with colored enamelling, show his constant search for perfection and originality.

The faithful reproduction of every detail makes these objects true works of realism in miniature.
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